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B2B digital strategies

Book a meeting with us and we will show you the results we have achieved in B2B companies similar to yours. We will evaluate together whether to study an ad-hoc marketing strategy to increase the volume of your business.

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Find new customers on autopilot

For over 10 years, we have been helping B2B companies, especially in the world of metalworking industry, to correctly approach digital marketing and thus give new lifeblood to their sales offices.

After an in-depth analysis of previous marketing actions and the brand governance of our customers, we design and implement a customized sales platform for them.

We use an engineering, analytical and creative approach: we constantly monitor the performance of advertising campaigns and in the meantime we create competing variants. This continuous cycle of design, data analysis and tests, based only on facts, ultimately leads to the most performing strategy.

We apply the most modern artificial intelligence and growth hacking technologies, not limiting ourselves to the classic display advertising and inbound marketing operations that any advertising agency is able to offer.

This allows B2B companies like yours to quickly build a sales funnel that brings new customer flows at a constant pace in a totally automatic way.

What can we do for your B2B company

The marketing actions to support the sales funnel that we will set up for your B2B company can be grouped into three categories.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

We spread the values of your brand online so that they reach the target audience without wasting investment. We strengthen your e-reputation thanks to targeted content marketing actions. This is an important medium-long term investment, as it reaches also those who do not need your products/services right now, but could become interesting prospects in the very near future.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a more complete marketing activity than the classic lead generation. While the second is limited to bringing contacts to your B2B company, with lead nurturing we ensure in a non-invasive way to keep their interest high even after the first contact, using remarketing technologies, social engagement and artificial intelligence. This is the short-term investment that cannot be missing in any digital marketing campaign.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

It is the most difficult goal to achieve, but it is also the one in which we are particularly well versed. In a world where the online offer of the competition is continuous and aggressive, the volatility of your customers is very high. We keep their attention on your products/services high with direct email marketing, chatbots, corporate blogs, etc. This is the most important medium-term investment, in fact it is known that acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining an already acquired one.

How our collaboration will start

Let's see step by step the blueprint for our partnership path.


The first phase is exactly the online meeting you are about to plan with us on this page by clicking on the Book a call button.

This is a cognitive interview, in which without commitment both of us will collect the information necessary to understand the feasibility of a collaboration between your B2B company and our web agency.

We would like to point out from the outset that we are very proud of the results we have achieved with our B2B customers, but we are also aware of the fact that unfortunately we cannot help everyone.
For this reason we have decided to focus our efforts only on B2B companies that have the necessary prerequisites to face the world of digital marketing in the most successful way.

Result of step 01

A few days after the fact-finding interview, you will receive the minutes of our meeting and we will make a new online appointment one week later.
The purpose of this second meeting will be to exchange impressions and ultimately decide whether to continue or not.

If we decide to continue our collaboration, the next step will be to make an appointment for strategic analysis.


This will be an opportunity (where possible) to meet us in person.

We will spend a day at your office to analyze the sales processes and the history of your marketing actions.

This work day has a cost, but the good news is that it is fully refundable as I will explain in a little while in the chapter dedicated to step 03.

Result of step 02

At the end of the strategic analysis meeting, we will make an online appointment two weeks apart for the operational plan. By that date we will send you the documents resulting from the day spent at your company:

  • The report of the strategic analysis.
  • The new operational plan.
  • The price quotation.


During this meeting we will explain in detail the operational plan and our commercial offer.

You will immediately realize that it will not be a theoretical plan or a collection of generic best practices. The plan will contain short, medium and long-term practical actions, tailored for your B2B company.

You will get the project of a real funnel marketing strategy, capable of immediately improving your sales performance, but which will above all be destined to transform your company over time into an implacable sales machine.

Result of step 03

At the end of the explanation of the operational plan, we will make an online appointment one week later.
By that date you will have time to consult with your staff and then make the final decision you will communicate to us.

You will basically have three possible options:

  1. The operational plan does not satisfy you and you decide not to implement it now or ever: we will fully refund the cost of the strategic analysis day, without you giving us any explanation.
  2. The operational plan satisfies you, but you decide to postpone its implementation or entrust it to your internal marketing team or to another agency: in this case we will withhold the payment of the day of strategic analysis.
  3. The operational plan satisfies you and you decide to implement it with our agency: we will deduct the cost incurred for the strategic analysis day from subsequent invoices.


If we have reached this last stage, it means that we have started to strengthen your sales channel by applying our operational plan.

The whole process is based on a continuous succession of implementation, testing, analysis of the results and changes to the original plan. Thanks to this uninterrupted cycle of improvement we will achieve sales performance that you never imagined.

Obviously we will always stay in touch and update you on the results by sending you periodic reports.

The compensation for our agency is specified in the commercial offer that we have built for you, but basically it provides:

  • A one-off cost for the implementation of all commercial and marketing tools: configuration of advertising providers, landing pages, ad-hoc software, advertising material, copywriting, etc.
  • A quarterly percentage on the advertising budget established with an inversely proportional value to the budget itself. When we get up to speed, we can also evaluate together to change this compensation in a formula based on results, that is a commission on sales that is interesting for us and sustainable by your company.

What people say about Idea R...

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After commissioning Idea R for a new website and search engine advertising, we were ready to take the next step forward. We asked them to study a complete digital marketing strategy that went beyond the usual clichés of the metalworking industry. In response, they designed a blog and carefully planned our presence on social media, a channel that is highly underrated in our sector. They still manage all aspects of our content marketing today: they write articles, promote them on social media, build influencer marketing relationships and spread our authority with buzz seeding. Result: in just 1 year our visitors have quadrupled and the brand awareness of our brand has never been so high.

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