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Web Marketing

Every website must be completed with a web marketing plan. Idea R does not just study an on line advertising campaign, but it optimizes your pages and implements lasting loyalty strategies for your customers.

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Put order in your corporate communication
  • Put order in communication
    Idea R identifies the most suitable communication channels and maximizes the results of your budget.
  • Outperform your competition
    Idea R analyzes your competitors, activates countermeasures and virally spreads your corporate values.
  • Don't settle for initial success
    No on-line advertising works on autopilot, Idea R supervises the results and constantly improves your marketing strategy.
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Dopo aver commissionato a Idea R un nuovo sito web e il search engine advertising, eravamo pronti per un ulteriore passo avanti. Abbiamo chiesto loro di studiare una completa strategia di digital marketing che andasse oltre ai soliti cliché dell’industria metalmeccanica. In tutta risposta hanno progettato un blog e pianificato accuratamente la nostra presenza sui social media, canale che nel nostro settore è molto sottovalutato. Ancora oggi gestiscono tutti gli aspetti del nostro content marketing: scrivono articoli, li promuovono sui social media, intessono relazioni di influencer marketing e diffondono la nostra autorevolezza con il buzz seeding. Risultato: in 1 solo anno i nostri visitatori sono quadruplicati e la brand awareness del nostro marchio non è mai stata così elevata.

Increase your turnover

Digital channels are a great opportunity for companies, as they have lower costs than traditional media and it is possible to determine their effectiveness in real time.

  1. Idea R starts several advertising campaigns in parallel.
  2. It measures the return on investment and analyzes the flows that led to the customer's acquisition.
  3. Thanks to sophisticated mathematical algorithms, it eliminates statistically less effective campaigns.
  4. In a continuous cycle, it creates new campaigns to compete with those that remain.

Thanks to the reiteration of tests and improvements, meticulously based on statistical data, we guarantee results unthinkable with traditional advertising.

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Well, you are on Google! And now?
Trust Idea R and start today to study the best digital strategy to become a leading player in your market.
Digital Strategies Digital Strategies


If you focus only on those who need your services today, you risk being invisible to those who may be interested in you tomorrow. Idea R does not just optimize the positioning on search engines, but designs your website in order to engage your occasional visitors and give them reason to return: Display Advertising, Remarketing, Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.


To maximize the return on advertising investment, you need to reach as many potential customers as possible, wasting as little as possible. Search Engine Marketing is certainly an excellent starting point, but your potential is much higher. Idea R plans with you a wide-ranging digital marketing strategy to retain occasional visitors and existing customers.


The offer on the web is vast, as a result users are very fickle and switch to competition very quickly. Digital Marketing also means retaining the painstakingly built customer portfolio. Idea R studies and realizes for you the best digital loyalty strategy : Direct E-Mail Marketing, social media, microblogging, corporate blogs, RSS feeds, etc.

Create your web marketing campaign with us and start immediately to exploit all the potential offered by the network.

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