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Idea R considers photography and photo retouch integral parts of a unique creative process, where experience and technology aren’t sequential and distinct, but they collaborate for an hi-quality and coherent result using innovative post-production flows.

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Nikon - I am Your Guide

Nikon - I am Your Guide

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Idea R's photographic portfolio
Daniela Colzani Corsets Fashion Show
The Rio Carnival Queen Ana Paula Evangelista, wearing Daniela Colzani corsets.
Wedding photography
The three approaches on wedding photograpy.
The libertine carnival.
Sulawesi / Bali / Nusa Tenggara / Kalimantan
Adventures in Indonesia, among dragons and ancient tribal rituals.
Lisboa / Barcelona / Berlin
Walking around some of the best european capitals.
Bangkok / Thailand
Let's visit the most transgressive country of Indochina.
Ruta de la Independencia / Ruta Maya
Revolutionary movements and mysterious cults in Mexico.
To plan a tale.
Malaysia and Borneo
Thirty five kilos of pleasure
Sveden / China
Four magicians from Sweden to China.
Laos / Cambodia / Perhentian (Malaysia)
Photographic novel in Indochina in three chapters.
The shopping capital.
Maldives / Roatan
Tropical paradises.
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