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The logo and graphic identity must bring order to the communication structure, telling the story of the brand values. Idea R designs graphic strokes and semiotic codes to communicate your true corporate identity.

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Graphic Design

The brand graphic design lifecycle proceeds in three phases:

  1. Analysis
    Demand segmentation study, stakeholders identification and lifestyles analysis of the message receivers.
  2. Strategy
    Strategic positioning of the brand, enhancement of the strengths and threat control.
  3. Project
    Definition of the creative concept and graphical development of the aims of the brand (vision and mission).

Corporate Identity

The corporate graphic identity is not represented only by the brand.
Idea R designs a strategy that guides every declination of the brand, defining the brand governance for both the visual style of communication materials and for the consistency of their content.

Design with us your corporate identity and start today to communicate your corporate values with order and efficiency.
Give stamina to your brand!
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