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Idea R optimizes the search engines ranking and generates quality traffic to your website. Only a careful analysis of the SEO factors, supported by a continuous professional training, guarantees to maximize the results without the risk of relegation.

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Search Engines

The search engines algorithms are becoming more advanced and change on a monthly basis. Idea R tackles the page ranking with correct and lasting strategies. The page visibility is determined by:

  • On-page factors
    Proper use of web technologies, careful content management and accurate optimization of the keywords (keyword density).
  • Off-page factors
    Link popularity of the website, quality of the connections (link building) and effective word of mouth strategies (buzz seeding).
  • Geographic factors
    Geographic contextualization of the research and geographic localization of the company.


85% of users watch only the first page of the search results.
78% do not refine the search after the first results.
This means that the key to success for your website is to position itself well on search engines and especially in relation to the keywords used by your target market.


Some tricks (Black Hat SEO) that until recently have been offered by web agencies, today not only do not work but are likely to result in a penalizing insertion into the Google blacklist.

Are you tired of always being overtaken by the competitors?
Contact us immediately and activate the countermeasures for your optimal positioning.
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