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Web Marketing

Every web project must be completed with an web marketing strategy to reach the desired target. Idea R does not limit itself studying an advertising campaign, but it optimizes your landing pages and implements lasting loyalty strategies.

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Brand Life Cycle

The steps by which a user reaches the goal of web marketing campaign are:

  1. Brand Awareness
    The prospect gains knowledge of the company.
  2. Brand Consideration
    The prospect evaluates the company.
  3. Brand Evaluation
    She decides to try the products/services.
  4. Brand Loyalty
    Satisfied, she relies on the company in future too.

Traditional advertising covers at most the first two steps.
The web marketing campaign covers the first 3 steps, while the corporate website covers the latest 3: both together therefore cover the whole life cycle of the company-customer relationship. When you deploy an Internet project you have to complete it with an online visibility strategy or you'll burn all the incurred costs.

Web Marketing

Brand Awareness

Idea R studies on a case by case basis the best marketing strategies to achieve business goals with your budget. Depending on the product type, the target audience and the countries to reach, it uses Search Engine Marketing campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Direct E-Mail Marketing, Display Advertising, Article Marketing, Affiliation, etc..

Consideration and Test

In order for the web marketing campaign to be successful, Idea R does not just manage your brand awareness, but designs from the scratch your website or your landing pages looking for maximizing conversions (goals). And that's not all! For the entire duration of the campaign, thanks to the sophisticated web analytics algorithms, Idea R produces variations of your website and offers them to random segments of your audience, looking for a continuous improvement of performances.


The offer is very wide on the Internet, users discover new products continuously and at the same speed they move to the competitor. After the hard work and costs incurred to build a customer base, Idea R studies and creates for you the best loyalty digital strategy: social media, microblogging, corporate blog, newsletter, RSS feeds, etc..

Study with us your web marketing campaign and match it with powerful landing pages.
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