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Web Applications

Twenty years of experience in software development and web design have equipped Idea R with a natural predisposition to problem solving, always tackled with dedicated approaches and without the compromise of pre-packaged templates.

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Software Design

Idea R has always been committed to the research of RAD methodologies (Rapid Application Development) for project management and web applications development .
The lifecycle is chosen accordingly to the specific project type, preferring incremental and agile methodologies that, if used properly, maintain a high control of the timeline and budget: Extreme Programming, Scrum, Spiral, Staged Delivery, Evolutionary Delivery, Evolutionary Prototyping, etc.

Software development lifecycle

Requirements Analysis

The approach is through Customer Oriented practices: the Theory-W Project Management tends to create winning situations for both the development team and the customer.

Leading-Edge Technologies

The OOAD paradigm (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) combined with UML (Unified Modeling Language), facilitates the team management thanks to a more natural modularity of projects and a greater encapsulation of features (supporting code maintainability).
The development technologies are not chosen according to fashion, but evaluated on a case by case basis: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Cloud Computing, C#, C++, ASP.NET, SQL, etc.

Quality and Tests

The products are always tested thoroughly and globally, in fact it is typical in software development that the solution of a problem simultaneously creates a bug in different place. Careful design of regression tests is the ideal solution to test automatically and repeatedly all features.

Web DesignWeb Design

Web Design

A website is effective when in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also exposes a proper information architecture. Idea R optimizes the advertising budget to design web applications that communicate precisely the planned message, the correct target market.



The ranking optimization on the search engines is the result of a careful analysis of SEO factors, supported by an ongoing professional training. Idea R generates quality traffic to your website without running you to the risk of relegation.

Infrared CMSInfrared CMS

Infrared CMS

The time when websites remain unchanged for years is over. Today it is very important to be able to update your website by yourself, but even more important is to spread its contents quickly. Idea R has designed Infrared CMS with the double purpose of offering users automatic positioning on search engines and specific features for B2B.

Do not give up your projects, rely on our highly qualified team and take advantage of all the opportunities that offer you the new technologies.
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Irritated by your blog performance? Boost it using the cloud!

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