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Visual Communication

The strong creative and technological background, combined with international experience in the field of communication, allow Idea R to tackle branding and advertising projects with a 360-degree approach.

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Art Direction

The design phase develops the elements of copywriting and visual communication, identifying:

  • Positioning
    Which should be the image of the brand in consumers' minds?
  • Personality
    Which is the character of the company and which is the peculiarity of the product?
  • Tone of voice
    Which is the best language to communicate the brand promise and core values​​?
  • Obligations and limitations
    Which concepts should be absolutely known and which ones should preferably be avoided?
  • Communication plan
    What are the principles that guide and harmonize the communication tasks?
  • Budget
    What are the costs and timetable?

User Experience

Communication is not "I explain in a way that others understand me", which is a subjective interpretation of the term. Nor it is the meaning assigned by marketing, that is "to make known the benefits in relation to the needs". Communication is "pooling", it is the act of sharing the knowledge: a communication campaign has to make users participate in the experience of the brand.


Brands today cannot limit themselves to only guarantee the quality of their product, but also the values ​​that hand down into the social culture. Only a careful study of the phenomena of signification (semiotics), enables the visual communication to tell the story of your brand values and thereby facilitate their viral transmission (viral marketing).



The graphic identity defines the visual style of communication materials and consistency of their content. Idea R designs your brand and defines the guidelines for its use, rearranging the corporate communication structure.



There's rarely a direct stimulus/response relationship between advertising and the acquisition of a customer, there are many variables at play. Idea R identifies the most suitable communication channels, analyzes all the flows that have led to the achievement of the objectives, proposes strategic variations and measures your return on investment.



Idea R follows innovative post-production flows, integrating in a unique creative process photography and photo editing. Experience and technology are not sequential and distinct, but they complement each other for an high quality and consistent result.

Stop saying "we are the industry leader"!
Give your users meaningful content and involve them with an effective visual communication.
Give voice to your company!
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