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Social Media

The on-line communication is not self-referential any more, users on the web exchange point of views and share experiences. Idea R designs communication strategies for an effective digital word of mouth, manages content on Social Networks and measures the return on investment.

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The Importance of Dialogue

I do not know if you were warned, but the classic showcase website is dead.
Sorry for the provocation, but it is not the concept of showcase that suffers a crisis, it is the one-way mode of communication: "I show you what I sell and you look in silence." Today it is much more important to create a dialogue around a product, and after it was created, try to conduct it into the desired direction. 

Non-Consumer Products

Do you manage a B2B (Business-to-Business) company and, therefore, you think that you are not affected by Social Media?
The Social Media instrument serves and should be used by all types of company, especially if you are not speaking to the final consumer. The language to be used is the same as B2C (Business-to-Consumer) companies, only the purpose is different:

  • Brand Awareness
    Assert your competence.
  • Reputation Management
    Manage your reputation participating to conversations.
  • Customer Care
    Establish a bidirectional and more informal channel with your customers.

Consider that...

77% of the Internet users read blogs.
B2B companies that have a blog get 67% more contacts than companies without a blog.
B2C companies that have a blog get 85% more contacts than companies without a blog.
More than 1 billion of users use Facebook (24 millions in Italy).
Every 2 seconds LinkedIn has a new subscriber.
Every minute 72 hours of new videos are uploaded on YouTube.
Every hour 350 thousands of companies are signaled geographically on Foursquare.
53% of Twitter users recommend the products that they use.
Pinterest is the third popular social network and, along with Instagram, can determine the success or the failure of the viral diffusion of corporate images.
And finally, to evaluate a company, 90% of people will rely on the online advice of acquaintances.

Social Media
The others are already talking about you, are you sure that you have nothing to say?
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