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Web Analytics

Any digital strategy must be measurable, otherwise you cannot discover its weaknesses or initiate countermeasures. Idea R analyzes, tests and improves in a continuous loop both your web marketing campaign and your presence on social media.

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What's Web Analytics?

Setting any digital strategy without being able to measure the effectiveness would be absolutely useless.
The performance control goes well beyond the counting of visitors to your Web site:

  • Web campaigns analysis
    How visitors arrive on the website? Which keywords do they search?
  • Traditional campaigns analysis
    Do other advertising channels work well? Did visitors find the web address on a brochure?
  • Visitors funnel
    Which path do your visitors follow within the website? In which page do they decide to leave?
  • Behavior analysis
    What do they do exactly? Do they watch a video? Download a document? Do they leave their personal data?
  • Demographic and technological data
    Where do they live? What language do they speak? Are they using a smartphone or a tablet?
Web Analytics

Marketing Benefits

Web Analytics is an incredible marketing tool especially to:
  • Identify new markets.
  • Determine the effectiveness of traditional advertising (billboards, media, etc..).
  • Measure the ROI of events or exhibitions.
  • Evaluate the strength of the affiliates.
  • Check the level of Social Media engagement.

Communication Benefits

Web Analytics is not just monitoring, but also testing new solutions.
Idea R creates continuously new variations of your landing pages and puts them in competition to determine, using sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which one should survive and which one should be discarded.

Do not leave your website left to itself.
Rely on Idea R to measure performances and use the collected data to improve your turnover.
Improve your earnings now!
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