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Prendere uno smanettone del software degli anni 80, aggiungere un graphic designer di nuova generazione e allungare il tutto con uno studioso di strategie di marketing. Agitare energicamente e si ottiene il blog Idea R.

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Il significato dei colori

Il significato dei colori

Il grafico e il web designer quando devono scegliere i colori non analizzano solo gli accostamenti, ma studiano le emozioni associate ad essi.

La fotografia di matrimonio

Ti hanno chiesto di fare qualche foto ad un matrimonio? Niente panico, ecco un breve manuale da cui partire... il resto è tutta esperienza.

Lazy loading and the SEO problem, solved!

The best SEO solution to index your dynamically loaded contents, no more compromises!

Caso di studio: TAV Engineering, branding per i servizi B2B

Come creare un brand che si allontana dalla fredda e asettica immagine dell’industria metalmeccanica, puntando invece sull'aspetto umano.

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[eBook Gratuito] 50+ consigli per arrivare primi sui motori di ricerca e sorpassare la concorrenza

[eBook Gratuito] 50+ consigli per arrivare primi sui motori di ricerca e sorpassare la concorrenza

Non perderti questo ebook gratuito. Approfitta di una pluriennale esperienza nella SEO e ottieni molti nuovi visitatori ottimizzando il tuo sito web.
Industria metalmeccanica: come moltiplicare i clienti usando solo il sito web e zero budget pubblicitario

Industria metalmeccanica: come moltiplicare i clienti usando solo il sito web e zero budget pubblicitario

Scopri come realizzare un sito web per l'industria metalmeccanica, che sia una calamita per i clienti e in grado di triplicare i contatti.
I segreti del Mental Marketing #1: il falso compromesso

I segreti del Mental Marketing #1: il falso compromesso

Si può usare il mentalismo nel marketing? Come professionista del marketing e prestigiatore di lunga data, vi rivelerò alcuni trucchi.
Caso di studio: 50 anni di Panorama
Guarda il video...

Caso di studio: 50 anni di Panorama

Il magazine Panorama compie 50 anni e Mondadori commissiona lo studio per il design grafico del brand e per nuovi layout delle copertine.

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Pubblicato il 4/23/2020
Categorie: SEO
[Free eBook] 50+ tips for getting first on search engines and overtake the competition

In this free eBook I have collected 10 years of experience in website design and search engine optimization.

Learn how to avoid frequent coding and copywriting mistakes that can compromise your positioning on search engines.
Improve your website security for maximum Google compliance.
Get tons of new visitors by improving their user experience.

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Pubblicato il 3/13/2020
Categorie: Siti Web
Metalworking industry: how to multiply customers using only the website and zero advertising budget

I have been developing and optimizing websites for the metalworking industry for 10 years and I have often seen how this resource is underestimated and used incorrectly.
A well-designed website can bring many customers to a B2B company in the manufacturing sector, many more customers than all the fairs and agents put together.
And above all spending much less or nothing.

In this article I’ll make you aware of the huge opportunities out there waiting for you and subsequently I’ll show you how to create a well-conceived platform for acquiring online customers.
If you follow all the directions you may be able to triple quote requests, while reducing your advertising budget by 90%.

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Pubblicato il 9/23/2019
Categorie: SEO
A simple but effective SEO strategy: the middleman

The SEO (search engine optimization) trick called "the middleman" solves a very common problem in corporate websites with excellent results.
I myself applied it many times and I always got it great results in a short time.

I recommend you to implement the middleman SEO strategy as soon as possible, it will allow you to make the most of your company blog and you will find indexed in a short time pages that you never thought you would ever see in the top positions of search engines.

I will show you two ways to apply this SEO strategy, one manual and one fully automatic.

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Pubblicato il 7/9/2012
Ultimo aggiornamento 5/2/2019
Categorie: Web Marketing
[FREE download] Keywords Mixer: long tail keywords made easy

The first step when creating a web marketing strategy is to identify all the search keywords your potential visitors may use to reach you.
The next step is to identify the phrases that may be built using the previous keywords, narrowing down all the combinations.

Google AdWords gives you the chance to write down broad match phrases, letting it to create synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations.

I don't like this approach because it doesn't give me total control on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page); rather I prefer to base my SEM (Search Engine Marketing) project on phrase matches and exact matches. This is absolutely the more accurate approach, but it can be an annoying task since there’re hundreds of combinations and variations to consider... let me correct the last sentence, it WAS an annoying task, because now with our completely free Keywords Mixer and its simple integration with your preferred search engine, you can generate all your precise search long tail keywords in just one click.

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Pubblicato il 12/20/2018
Categorie: Pubblicità
Case study: advertising B2B maintenance

 A customer asked us to create an advertising billboard to promote maintenance services on vacuum furnaces.
The problem of maintenance services, in all commodity fields, is that customers tend to bet, they prefer to risk breaking the product and adjust it only if necessary, rather than performing regular preventive maintenance.

It is not easy to break this way of thinking, think of all the e-commerce sites that in the past have tried to sell you an extension to the warranty of the product you were buying: have you ever bought? I never.

Now let's see the creative phases, if you have the patience to read to the end, I will reveal a little secret and a serious mistake not to commit.

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