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[Free App] EasySteel: the vacuum heat treatments calculator

Published on 10/21/2021
Categories: Web & Apps
[Free App] EasySteel: the vacuum heat treatments calculator

EasySteel is a free application, for mobile and desktop devices, useful for creating steel recipes using vacuum heat treatments.

It is a very simple application to use, I will show you its functionalities shortly, but it is above all an opportunity for you to discover the world of PWAs.

What's a PWA?

A PWA, which stands for Progressive Web App, is a hybrid and innovative technology for develop low-cost mobile applications, compatible with all smartphones, tablets and even PCs.
It looks like a web address (easysteel.tav-engineering.com in this case), but unlike a website it can be used off-line, that is without an Internet connection.
Moreover, if you're using the Infrared CMS, turning any page on your website into a mobile app is pretty much automatic.

But let's take a look to the application...

How to install EasySteel

Before proceeding, however, I must specify the following:

EasySteel is an application created only for educational purposes and it is not intended for production use.
Idea R will not be held responsible for damage resulting from improper use of EasySteel in production environments.

As I told you above, to access the application you simply have to go to the address easysteel.tav-engineering.com or press the button below.

Go to the EasySteel app

Remember that in order for the application to be used off-line, it is not enough to visit the website, you have to install it.
To do this, depending on the device or browser you connect with, you will see a popup on the page or a button on the address bar.

Add to Home screen on Android

Add to Home screen on Android

Install on Chrome for Windows

Install on Chrome for Windows

Install on Edge for Windows

Install on Edge for Windows

EasySteel: vacuum heat treatments of steels

The application is divided into 4 pages: Home, Recipe, Time and Analysis.

EasySteel: screenshots

In the Home page proceed to select the desired steel, specifying the standard, the category and the type. A summary box of the choice is displayed at the bottom of the page.

EasySteel: summary box

The next three pages depend on the first one, that is, the data contained in them changes when the selected steel is changed.
The data change is highlighted by a green badge that appears on the pages that the user has not yet viewed.

EasySteel: bottom menu

The Recipe page displays the recipe, i.e. the heat treatment to be carried out: preheating, austenitizing, tempering and quenching.
The Time page it is used to calculate the austenitizing soak time as a function of thickness.
The Analysis page finally, displays the chemical composition of the selected steel and the hardness values.

You just have to try the application, on phone or desktop, it works everywhere: just go to the address easysteel.tav-engineering.com or press the button below.

Go to the EasySteel app

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