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Can engineering industry sponsor art without going off topic?

Source: Modus
Published on 10/16/2017
Categories: Advertising
Can engineering industry sponsor art without going off topic?

TAVENGINEERING, during Biennale Arte in Venice, sponsors the MODUS collateral event (techniques, poetics, materials in contemporary art). It is curious since typically the metalworking industry sponsors congresses or events related to industrial and technological research.
Are they going off topic?

TAVENGINEERING has therefore commissioned us to create an advertisement page on the exhibition catalog and to tie up its name, a company dedicated to vacuum furnaces after sales services, to an art exhibition. Will we be successful?

Actually, the theme of the exhibition is not so far from the company one, the matter of which art is made, and the scientific and technical developments that have contributed to the formal and poetic outcomest are a basic component of the artistic expression of our times. This is why the visitor is accompanied by a series of creative experiences with the matter: graphite, steel and ecological theories.

So we had a great starting point from which to begin our copywriting, here is how we presented the sponsor on the catalog page:

New materials are an integral part of contemporary artistic research, opening up new perspectives and indicating new boundaries. TAVENGINEERING teams up with the major scientific and academic institutions to investigate new materials and vacuum heat treatment solutions. Through its ability to blend tradition with innovation, TAVENGINEERING provides assistance and maintenance service to ensure that vacuum furnaces continue to run safely and efficiently.

The illustration we have created shows a technician who works on a vacuum furnace, though at times he may seem to be painting it.

Catalogo MODUS

Last but not least we recommend you MODUS: if you visit Venice on the Biennale days (from May 10 to November 26), visit the exhibition on the first floor of the magnificent Ca' Faccanon palace.

Below, in the photo gallery, some of the works exhibited.

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ZHU Hongtu

ZHU Hongtu

Metempsychosis, 2016
Video, 3d animation
Courtesy of the artist

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