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Take a software geek from the 80s, add a new generation graphic designer and dilute with a longtime marketing strategist. Shake vigorously and you'll get the Idea R's blog.

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Case study: branding Idea R

Published on 3/12/2012
Categories: Branding

Idea R deals with digital strategies, integrating in a unique design lifecycle its creative and technological skills.
The company main value that we want to emphasize with the brand, is that it has all the necessary skills to deal with digital marketing and visual communication using a 360-degrees design vision. This for the customer means better quality/consistency and lower costs.
The keyword is integration.


Idea R

  • The bulb, as the usual metaphor of the concept of idea, recalls directly the name of the company.
  • The three bright rings represent the three areas in which the company moves, that is visual communication, software design and digital strategies.
  • The three rings are linked to emphasize the integration of the skills.
  • The color of the three rings is RGB (Red, Green and Blue), which betrays the digital soul of the company (if you look closely they are linked exactly in that order).
  • The font of the logotype is elegant, to recall a relationship with the world of design and fashion photography (in particular the letters "d" and "a" resemble a heeled shoe).
  • The R of the logotype is done freehand, to mean that in addition to technology there is also a creative approach.
  • The font of the payoff, with its squared angles that remind the old computers, cites the long IT background.
  • The R and bulb screw are a colored in solar yellow, symbolizing the imagination and creativity.
  • Finally, the interlacement of the rings evokes a classic magic effect... to know the reason for this, see the short Igor De Ruitz biography.

Corporate Identity

You are the reader number 9,109.


Creative Commons License

Photographies, videos, graphics and texts by Idea R are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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