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Web Design

Designing a website is not just developing something that has a graphic appeal, but it's ensuring an effective information architecture. Idea R designs web applications that exactly communicate the planned message to the prearranged target market, optimizing the advertising budget.

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Internet Applications

The communication patterns between the company and the customer have changed with the advent of RIA (Rich Internet Application), from a simple one-way channel where the company is limited to display its products, to a two-way channel where the customer "speaks", requests assistance, asks questions and can customize the final product

Web 2.0

The next step has been even more important, thanks to social networks and business intelligence, the company is placed today willy-nilly within a global community and has huge opportunities to assess and influence the market in real time.

Optimization and Analytics

The web site must not undergo passively the exploration, but it must be able using web analytics to collect useful marketing information.
The website must be fast and built with all SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) arrangements, for proper search engine positioning and effective Web 2.0 communication.


The contents must be able to adapt themselves to the visitor so that the obtained information has maximum usability, by physically disabled people too;
Pages have to work on every browser and on every device, from PCs to smartphones;

Information Architecture

Idea R with its strong IT education and communication experience, develops web sites that have not only a graphic appeal, but are supported also by a real information architecture.
Visitors rarely read, most of the time they scan. Therefore content must be studied very carefully and arranged in a easily readable hierarchy and navigation schemas must be intuitive and perceptive.

Web Design
Do not underestimate the changes taking place, rely on our expertise and enter the Internet from the front door.
Get the most from your website!
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