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Case study: TAV Engineering, experience design for B2B

Published on 11/4/2013
Categories: Advertising
Case study: TAV Engineering, experience design for B2B

Let's continue the case study started with the design of the brand, addressing the issue of advertising.
TAV Engineering is a company fully dedicated to after sales services on vacuum furnaces and heat treatment equipment.
This study is interesting because we'll see how it's possible to address in a creative and unconventional way, a B2B market (machinery for the metalworking industry), which traditionally has always been presented seriously and aseptically... until today.


The brochure is the main tool to generate leads in trade shows and specialized workshops, but the competitors on the global market are many.
How can a small company that operates in a niche to be noticed among the exhibition stands of the bigs?
How can we convince the trade show visitor, which is already overloaded by many kilos of brochures, to take ours too?
And finally, most important thing, how do we prevent that he trashes the brochure without reading it?

TAV Engineering is responsible for technical support, so the target are companies that need help, rapidly.
The brochure headline is not misleading, the direct message provides the solution and at the same time arouses curiosity: OPEN IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.
Differently from competitor's brochures that are filled with technical information at the limit of readability, TAV Engineering ones are almost without copy text. It inevitably intrigues, the message seems to say "If this is not an emergency, please do not take the brochure." Obviously, the effect you get is exactly the opposite, the desire to see what's inside is immediate. Note, however, that the brochure is closed and glued, so to see its contents you cannot just glimpse, but you need to break the seal.
This last thing is very important, today it is no longer sufficient to enchant using images, advertising must be experiential. You must act on emotions and engage your audience with an action: in this case, stimulated by curiosity, the reader performs the action of breaking, completing the transgression experience.

TAV Engineering brochure

If you aren't new to trade fairs on engineering industry, surely you are skeptical and you're wondering what effect this unusual brochure has had.
The results on the field have gone well beyond expectations.


With regard to advertising on specialized magazines, we again went against the trend.
Instead of standardize ourselves to the technical pages of the competitors, intelligible only to those engaged in the market, we wanted to make clear the brand value to everyone, that is the speed of intervention.
To do this we again designed an experience, taking it from the memory of each of us and associating it ironically to embarrassment.

Have you ever called a someone at home and he came too soon, before you had time to tidy up the living room?
TAV Engineering is so fast that often arrives sooner than you will expect.

Did we arrive too quickly?
TAV Engineering magazine

The analogy is extremely effective, it is associated with a common experience and it's in total contrast with the ads of competitors: what is emphasized here, is only the value (speed), completely ignoring the context (the metal industry).


Since the call to action Open in case of emergency has been very successful, we transformed and adapted it for a variety of promotional t-shirts... they sold out!

Do you think that this time we dared too much for the dead serious field of industry?

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