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Case study: IED Open Day, building a font by hand... literally

Published on 2/28/2013
Categories: Advertising
Case study: IED Open Day, building a font by hand... literally

IED (Istituto Europeo del Design) is an international network of training centers in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management.
IED periodically organizes Open Days offering free educational activities that are commonly performed during the academic year, so that guests have the opportunity to attend the lessons that interest them.

For the communication campaign of the Open Day event, we wanted to manifest the diversity of the training offer, identifying the four areas of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management.
Right from the start it was clear that we had to play with materials, we could not limit ourselves to a nice illustration: fashion is made of cloth, photo of paper, design of objects, etc. We therefore opted for a three-dimensional lettering, to build, photograph and make hyper realistic using postproduction. To learn more about this topic and to find many sources of inspiration, I recommend you The 3D Type Book.

The idea was to build the letters in a kind of materic origami, composed of elements of different types, different shape, different thicknesses and made of different materials (remember the concept of multidisciplinary?).
After having designed the individual letters we have printed them on paper, carefully numbering the pieces (would have been a puzzle otherwise). The paper sheets were then glued on rigid panels of different thickness and cut one by one.


We have wrapped every single piece using a different material, carefully following our design.


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After having recreated the text (thanks to the numbering!), we glued it on a panel and photographed it in studio.

Studio photography

An intense photo editing was performed to correct defects in materials, but not too much, because we wanted to make explicit the fact that the words were real and not illustrated.


Finally the whole thing was stuck in post-production on a background pattern specifically designed by Tommaso Cervone.


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