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How to design a FAKE B2C brand for a real B2B service

Published on 2/26/2017
Categories: Advertising
How to design a FAKE B2C brand for a real B2B service

Is it possible to use guerrilla marketing for B2B (business-to-business)?
In a niche as that of industrial machines, the unconventional marketing finds its application?

I'll show you in this interesting case study how we applied, probably for the first time, guerrilla marketing to the engineering industry. To do so we reasoned out of the box and we have designed a B2C product... a fake one!
Yes you read well, to advertise a B2B (business-to-business) service, we created a fake B2C (business-to-consumer) product.
The results were surprising.

TAVENGINEERING and its US partner Furnacare have asked us to create an advertising campaign to promote their rebuilding services for vacuum furnaces, that's something very niche. The declinations of the campaign were magazines, billborads, exhibition stands and web marketing campaigns.
2015 was a period of crisis for the industry, the treaters and the aviation industry tended to used as much as possible their vacuum furnaces rather than investing in new machinery.
What we needed was to communicate that the refurbishment and retrofit services of the two companies, were able to restore the vitality of the old machines, allowing them to work as if they were new.

That's how we got the idea to create an energy drink brand.
For TAVENGINEERING we created the TAVENERGY brand as the name closely resembles the original. For Furnacare instead we created the brand FURNAPOWER.


Rather than showing the image of a restored vacuum furnace, we humanized the concept graphically designing an old overweight man who's getting new energies.


The energy drink has not been a fake design only, but was truly produced and it is still given free at fairs and to guests who come on premises. Note that the packaging not only recalls the company's colors, but is different from any other existing drink therefore is recognized from a distance. Imagine at the fair all the people that walk with blue cans in hand. The success went well beyond expectations, the first time that we brought the energy drinks at a fair, they were sold out in a morning.


In addition to the multiple facets to traditional advertising, we also created a landing page for the vacuum furnace retrofit services.

Furnacare landing page

What do you think, did you like the idea?

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