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Between the advertising campaign and the final objective there're many variables, there is almost never a direct cause/effect relationship. Idea R identifies the most suitable communication channels, analyzes all the flows that led to the customer acquisition and measures the return on investment.

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Unconventional Marketing

Advertising is the uninteresting thing that interrupts us while we are doing something that interests us instead. Is the design of more interesting campaigns the right solution? Unfortunately the answer is no. Years of exposure to TV, radio, print and billboards have made us immune and addicted.
The solution in the digital age is the brand engagement, which is achieved by reinventing the communication with a non-conventional marketing.


User Experience

The audience today is less and less disposed to listen in silence, for that reason we cannot limit ourselves to pretty pictures or effective texts. Idea R designs the experience of your users (user experience design) and makes them partakers of the values of your brand. It is not a matter of budget, the persuasive power can be amplified bringing engagement in a social context, relying on the imaginary and psychological mechanisms (guerrilla marketing).

Buzz Marketing

Since today we perceive advertising only as a annoying background noise, word of mouth has enormous value, 90% of consumers will rely on the advice of acquaintances before evaluating a product. Idea R masters the digital mechanisms of communication, seeds your posts (buzz seeding) using strategic content (content management) and spreads them on social networks (viral marketing).

Do not just recite monologues, make the customers experience your message and spread virally your corporate values.
Get the most out of your budget!
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