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Digital Strategies

Digital Strategy is the union of creativity, design and analysis, in a continuous cycle of improvement. Idea R develops your web marketing campaign, spreads it on social media and statistically analyzes the performance to introduce strategic variants.

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Marketing Channels

The visual communication design and the website development are only the first steps. Without an appropriate digital strategy to attract potential customers, even the best web application might remain unused.
To spread in the Net your web site o your advertising message, you have to act on three channels at the same time:

  1. Owned channels
    Company websites, SMO (Social Media Optimization) and corporate blog.
  2. Paid channels
    SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing , DEM (Direct EMail Marketing) and display campaigns (advertising banners).
  3. Earned channels
    Buzz seeding (digital word-of-mouth), viral marketing, article marketing, link building, third-party blogs and forums.
Digital Strategies Digital Strategies

Reach all your prospects

To maximize your advertising ROI, you have to reach as many potential customers as possible, wasting the fewest number of them.
A proper digital marketing strategy does not focus only on those in immediate need of your services, but engages casual visitors and retains existing customers.

Analysis and Test

No digital strategy can work on autopilot. Idea R supervises the performance constantly and in the meantime creates variations in competition with each other. Only this continuous cycle of web analytics and testing, based solely on the facts, leads at the end to the best strategy.

Web MarketingWeb Marketing

Web Marketing

To hit the prefixed target, each Internet project must be completed with an web marketing strategy. Idea R optimizes the landing pages and implements enduring loyalty strategies to maximize the results of the advertising campaign.

Social MediaSocial Media

Social Media

The web communication is no longer self-referential, users want to listen objective opinions and to share real experiences. Idea R plans the content management on social media, supports it with communication strategies and measures your return on investment.

Web AnalyticsWeb Analytics

Web Analytics

The effectiveness of a web marketing campaign and the level of engagement on social media must be measurable, otherwise you cannot discover its weaknesses or initiate countermeasures. Idea R analyzes, tests and improves in a continuous cycle your digital strategy.

Enough of abandoned Web sites, create with us your digital strategy and start today to take full advantage of the Internet potential.
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