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Published on 11/22/2012
Categories: Web Design
jQuery: how to throw and handle custom events

We've already seen in a previous article how to manage JavaScript events.
jQuery simplifies but most of all uniforms the JavaScript events engine with 2 simple methods: bind() for events subscription and trigger() to fire them.

Events are not only a prerogative of standard DOM (Document Object Model) objects, your custom objects can throw events too, event if they aren't DOM objects.

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Published on 1/19/2012
Categories: Web Design
A infographic sample with ASP.NET

Let's try to create a simple infographic starting from an XML file containing data about the carbon dioxide emissions in Europe.

To position the data on a map, we have to add the latitude and longitude fields for each european country (we have not to be precise).

To use the data we have to load them into an XML data source, using the System.Xml.XmlDataSource object, but the problem is that the object wants the record fields specified as node attributes.

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Published on 1/1/2012
Categories: Web Design
Tags: CSS, HTML, Tutorials
Dropdown menus with CSS

The dropdown menus can be easily created with CSS.
Either horizontal or vertical menus are built using unordered list, that is ul. The dropdown feature is created combining the hover pseudoclass along with the visibility property of nested lists.
The following example shows a horizontal menu where the items expand downward.

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