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Mental marketing secret #3: the unconscious buddy

Published on 6/21/2014
Categories: Advertising
Mental marketing secret #3: the unconscious buddy

In my dual role of advertising professional and illusionist, I will reveal another Mental Marketing technique.
Many people, it has happened to you too,  suspect that the spectator called on stage by the mentalist is an accomplice. This is partially true, in fact often the spectator is not aware of being a "buddy".

As usual we won't dive into the magic implementation, but we'll see in this article how this technique has already been used successfully by many advertising campaigns.

Why is it so important to have a buddy in marketing?

We live in the age of social networks and many investments have been made by advertising agencies: this is because it is clear the great value of word of mouth. We are surrounded, bombarded by advertisements, we have become immune.
In a nutshell we do not believe anymore. 
From a recent survey it turned out that 90% of people to make a purchase will rely on the online advice of acquaintances. 

As for a magician it is important that the effect occurs in the hands of an unsuspecting spectator, for advertising is just as important that the message is transmitted by a normal person, not by a paid actor. 

The principle of commitment

Wonderful! But how do I make sure that my message is witnessed by an unsuspecting consumer, even by hundreds if not thousands of consumers?
I'm going to reveal it and you'll see that you have been taken in many times. Dozens of times a day!
Do not believe me? Read on and see if it is true!

A feature of human mind is the principle of commitment. More we engage in or support an argument, less we are willing to retrace our steps. Paradoxically, if someone tells us that we made a mistake, it will take time to admit error. It could happen that we decide to continue the same even aware that we are wrong.
Think for example in the field of politics: how many people continue to follow a political candidate although now it is clear that he's an inconclusive person if not downright dishonest?

The secret lies in engaging people one little step at a time, to the point that they will not be willing to go back.
When we expose ourselves with an opinion, then we feel morally obligated to keep it.
You can take advantage of this principle if you decide to become a bloodthirsty dictator, but better if you use it only in marketing.

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How does this apply to marketing?

Now you have figured out that the secret is to engage your visitor a step at a time, until you get her slowly to the point that she will defend your brand to the hilt with his friends.

  1. It all starts with a click, a simple LIKE on your web page.
  2. Then ask her to write a review.
  3. In return you give her some virtual medal (like TripAdvisor).
  4. Then occasionally remind her that her opinion is very important for you.
  5. At the end give her a gift maybe even something tangible, such as a promotional t-shirt.

I do not need to continue. I think that now you've figured out, I leave to you to build an advertising strategy by exploiting the principle of the unconsciuos buddy.

Next time you'll see an hypnotist who makes spectators perform awkward things on stage, remember that it all started with a simple "your eyelids are heavy..."

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