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Milano Design Week 2015, Design Districts

Published on 4/19/2015
Categories: Visual Communication
Milano Design Week 2015, Design Districts

Ventura Lambrate is confirmed as the nerve center of research and innovation, by converging prestigious academies and talented students. The best advice I can give is to not be shy, do not just look, but talk to the young designers. You'll fell their passion and you'll exchange with them inspirations and ideas.

I liked very much "The beat-shelf" by Van Tjalle en Jasper: think of all the ways in which to store books and magazines on the shelf.

The beat-shelf

Brera Design District is the showcase of choice for established designers, during the Milan Design Week there are many competitions, awards and social events. The Brera district is the one that takes longer to be visited, in fact unlike Lambrate and Tortona, is a bit 'more dispersive. The exhibits can occupy just a small room and are scattered within the neighborhood.
So arm yourself with curiosity and patience and be surprised by what you discover.

The Ray lamp by Jakub Berdych is stunning.


If Brera is a showcase, then Tortona Design Week is a walkway. The district offers interesting ideas but everybody visit the exhibition of SuperstudioPiù where being creative is not enough, we also want the special effects.

May be it's a fault of my geek soul, but the magazine rak WWW by Peter Travaglini is an object that I'd like to have in my office. 


Many others are the projects that have impressed me, in the photo gallery at the bottom of this article there'e is my personal selection. 

And what about you? What do you prefer?

Do you want to see more photos?

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Vases Mini, Studio Jeroen Wand (Ventura Lambrate)

Vases Mini, Studio Jeroen Wand (Ventura Lambrate)


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