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Daniela Colzani Fashion Show: elegance and eroticism

Photographer: Igor De Ruitz
Published on 5/21/2012
Categories: Photography
Daniela Colzani Fashion Show: elegance and eroticism

Throughout history the corset enters and leaves the female wardrobe to mark epochal changes and social revolutions. Its introduction changed radically the free renaissance costumes, creating a stiff and stately female figure. It plays an important role in the opulence of expression of the 18th century dress and Dior seals the art of pleasing rehabilitating  femininity after the second world war. It's the turn of Dolce & Gabbana that dress Madonna in the '80s with outrageous corsets bringing into sight what was hitherto considered an undergarment and breaking every taboo. Now that fashion should strive to provoke as much to attract, the corset became a garment to wear and show off every day.

They were in the hundreds to watch the Daniela Colzani fashion show, a young Brazilian specialized in Fashion Design in Milan and winner of the 2010 European competition "The Link", organized by the Sea exhibition Fashion in Cannes.
Special testimonial at Old Fashion Cafè in Milan could only be the compatriot Queen of Rio Carnival, Ana Paula Evangelista.

Daniela Colzani draws, cuts and sewes couture corsets carrying on a process of exaltation of the female figure. Thus she achieves the aesthetic ideals that define a world that seems far away, but that sometimes resurfaces to make us understand that certain parameters remain constant. Although in recent years anorexic models walked the runway, the "squeezed" and "stretched" are always in the everyday.

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The modeling of the human body is obtained by adapting to modern times tastes and making the corset a comfortable garment, through carefully calculated tailored processes. Masks, gloves and laces are the contours to special occasions.

The corset is not confined to the intimate world, but becomes a cloth to show off, even used to wear provocative wedding dresses, adorned with chiffon veils and jewellery.

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The Rio Carnival Queen, Ana Paula Evangelista

The Rio Carnival Queen, Ana Paula Evangelista

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