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How to dramatically increase social media LIKEs to your web site

Published on 3/28/2013
Categories: Social Media
How to dramatically increase social media LIKEs to your web site

In this article we're going to talk about content lockers, I'll give you the know-how to create one yourself and at the end you'll have the chance to download the JavaScript/jQuery sources and implement it rapidly.

Content lockers were born as an annoying tool for web marketing affiliations: in a nutshell, if you have a blog followed by a large audience, a franchisor might pay you to partially block contents until the reader performs an action, for example compiling a survey or subscribing to a business newsletter. It 'a hateful practice, but generates discete income for many bloggers.

Social Media

What I propose you is a soft social media content locker, to use with caution and wisdom.
If you have a long article that have taken a long time to write, or if you have a free download for your visitors, you can decide to make it available only to those who share it on social media. This strategy will bring you tweets, shares, likes, followers and it is an effective viral marketing action.


Let's analyze the features of the content locker we're going to design.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): since we want search engines to be able to read the contents and index them, we'll just hide them.
  • Standard social widgets: we'll add these content locking features to the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn native source code.
  • Soft behavior: since we do not want to disturb our loyal readers, once the content is unlocked, unlocking will affect all blocked contents on the web site.
  • The source code is JavaScript, so it is possible to integrate it on every web page (we'll use jQuery only for visual effects).

Be careful that if you go to see the page HTML code, you'll find all the contents, even the "blocked" ones. The content locker, therefore, is not a method to restrict access to confidential information.


Can you imagine a better situation than this one, for using our content locker?
It's an opportunity for you to experience firsthand its use, using its implementation in our Infrared CMS.

  • To see the rest of the article you have to click one of the social buttons below.
  • If you do not see any blocked content it is because in the past you have expressed appreciation for this site and then automatically you have all the content already unlocked.
    In this case, if you want to see the content locker, just delete all cookies and refresh the page (or you can launch your browser in private browsing mode).

Locked contents

The rest of the article is only at a click distance...

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